Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

  • Simple Fire Safety and Prevention Tips for Your Office

    Never assume that your office could never suffer a fire simply because you don't store hazardous materials or work with open flames in your office kitchen. While office fires are not normal, they do happen and they can spread easily. This can result in extreme property damage and even grave physical injuries and loss of life. It can be easy to prevent fires in the office and ensure the safety of your staff with just a few simple tips that anyone can employ.

  • When Problems With Your Air Conditioner May Not Be From Your Air Conditioner

    When your home's air conditioner stops working altogether, of course you want to call a repairperson and have him or her examine the motor or blower, and note if either part has worn out and needs replacing. However, not all problems with the air conditioner are actually the fault of the air conditioning unit itself. While only a repairperson can actually tell you the problem after inspecting the unit and your home, you might want to note a few other potential problems that may need addressing before you call them to your home.

  • How To Manage Your Rainwater Tank System

    Rainwater tanks are commonly-used in rural areas to collect clean water to be used for drinking.  But just how clean is the water in your tank? Here's how to manage your rainwater tank system to make sure that your drinking water is safe and pure. Collection surfaces The water in your tank doesn't come straight from the sky; it arrives there via a series of collection surfaces.  That means that if those surfaces are covered with chemical spray drift, bird or animal droppings, and leaf debris, all those contaminants will be running straight down into your rainwater tank.

  • When You May Need to Have Your Home's Air Quality Tested

    Homeowners may rarely think about testing the indoor air quality of their home, perhaps reasoning that keeping windows open means they have all the fresh, healthy air they need. However, there are times when you may be suffering from poor air quality even to the point of endangering your health or that of your family. Never assume that because you cannot smell anything odd then the air in your home is clean, but note when you may need to have your home's air quality tested.

  • 3 Common Bore Well Drilling Methods

    You may be considering drilling a bore well on your property in order to augment the municipal supply that you use and you do not know which method would be the best for drilling that bore well. Read on and learn some of the available methods that you can select from when you contact a well drilling professional. Using an Auger A hand auger has extendable rods that are rotated by a handle.

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    Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

    When people talk about saving energy, they often get bogged down in the same topics – seal your drafty home, install a programmable thermostat, paint your roof white and similar tips are often shared. However, there are other ways to save energy. My name is Gina, and I run a small office. However, recently, I decided to let all of my team telecommute from home. They no longer waste fuel driving to work, which is great for the environment, and it is all possible thanks to phone systems that make it look like we are all in the same office. I also do other environmental things for my company. If you want tips or ideas on being more environmentally friendly with your business, check out these posts and enjoy.